Five More Photo Tips To Help You Make Money With Your Camera

To maximize the money you make with your camera, you need to produce the best possible photos. So here are some more tips to turn you into a master photographer, lightening fast.

Take your time.
That’s easy with a still photograph, such as a landscape or other inanimate object, but harder when you are photographing people. Yet people shots can be very productive, if you want to make money with your camera.

So assert your authority as the director of the production and don’t feel obliged to rush things, or you could be throwing money down the drain.

Here’s an example of a photograph that makes an average of $479.41 per month…

make money with your camera
It looks totally natural, yet note the tiny details of the pencil being sucked by the man and the pencil, poised to take notes, in the woman’s hand.

They are tiny details that add to the intense focus all three have towards what’s on the computer screen. They probably didn’t take more than 30 seconds to arrange, yet made a vast difference to the earning potential of the photo. Note too, the relatively close up shot, tightly focused so the viewer is drawn into the emotional intensity of what they are all looking at.

Closer often equals more cash.
Moving on from the idea of taking close shots, here’s an example of an even closer shot that works very well.

make money with your camera
The close up of the first girl’s inquisitive and friendly face draws you into the photo and contrasts neatly with the intense concentration of the other girl, looking at the computer screen.

I would guess the photographer, took the time to find out which girl had the best personality to shine through when looking at the camera, before assigning the two roles for best effect.

Use some props.
Whenyou want to make money with your camera, bear in mind neither of the previous photos would have had so much impact (or made much money) if the subjects had just been sitting there, like a conventional family photograph.

Family photographs work, because the subjects are personally known.

But here you are presenting strangers. So they need something extra. And that extra something comes from careful choice of props.

Try different viewpoints.
When photographing people, don’t simply think of them facing the camera. You can create some really intriguing photos by taking a shot of their backs. Try taking a photo of a few people all looking at something in the distance and out of the picture.

This will draw the view in and – at a stroke – add a very useful twist to what would otherwise be an everyday photo.

Don’t do the obvious.
Everyone tends to shoot photos with the main subject in the center. So try placing the subject more to one side  – or even to one corner. And try taking the shot from a higher or lower point, as well.

One thing to watch: most cameras with auto focus, will automatically focus on whatever is in the center of the viewfinder, so you’ll probably need to use manual focus.

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Make Money With Your Camera – How Much Will You Actually Make?

Naturally, when you set out to make money with your camera, the thought uppermost in your mind is how much will you actually make.

Your share of the price charged every time a customer downloads your photograph will vary, depending on the size they select.

For example …

X Small.
This is an extra small size approximately 276 pixels x 435 pixels for which you would receive an average royalty of 26 cents. This is the smallest size and, therefore the lowest commission.

As the name implies, this is the middle size of the six sizes generally on offer from most of the stock photo libraries. This size will pay you $1.30 per download.

XX Large.
At the other end of the scale, there is XX Large about ten times as large and measuring approximately 3344 pixels x 5411 pixels. For this download you would receive a commission of $5.20 for a single download.

Most downloads tend to be in the medium or small sizes, which will net you a commission of $1.30 and 78 cents respectively.

But, bear in mind your photos will be exposed to a world-wide audience and could well be downloaded hundreds of times every month. And, in previous posts, I’ve shown you verifiable examples of photos downloaded over 1,000 times in their first month on offer, making the owner a very useful $885.30.

And here’s another way to make money with your camera

Because there are certain cases when your photograph could be worth $50 or $60 – maybe more – for a SINGLE download.

That occurs when a customer wants to use your photo as a central part of a web site or a direct mail campaign, in a magazine or even on a greetings card.

In that case, you’ll have to do a bit more work, because the stock photo site will likely contact you to discuss how much you would charge for the “Special Licensing” deal (as it is called).

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Make Money With Your Camera Without Top Of The Range Equipment

Don’t imagine for one moment you need a top of the range Canon or Nikon when you want to make money with your camera.

It’s true that you need to offer photo libraries a well lit, in focus photograph in order to be accepted, but even the most modest, modern digital cameras are capable of providing surprisingly good photographs.

Here is an example of a photograph taken with a modest, fairly old FujiFilm 304, yet it has produced quite an acceptable photograph.

make money with your camera

The essential thing is to follow good, basic sense when shooting a subject, so …

Here are five great tips to help you make money with your camera by shooting great photos

Good light.
This obviously the first requirement and – if you are shooting out of doors, make sure the sun is either behind you or over one shoulder, when you are using the camera.

That way your subject will be well lit and the detail won’t be lost in shadow.

Know your flash.
If you need to use your flash facility, be sure you are completely familiar with its optimum range before you shoot that photo that could make your fortune.

Too far away from your subject and you won’t get the benefit of the flash and too close can lead to red-eye and bad skin tones. About four paces – ten feet – is the ideal distance for most cameras.

Stay in focus.
And don’t make the fatal error of getting carried away with thoughts of how much this amazing photograph will make you and end up jerking the camera when you shoot.

Always cultivate the habit of squeezing the shutter button, rather than pressing it hard. That way every photograph you take will be as sharp as a razor.

Ideally you should use a tripod, whenever posible. Lightweight telescopic tripods, such as the Hama Gamma 77 (which I have used for a number of years and strongly recommend) are easily obtained.

Double check the shot before you click.
The human eye has a wonderful facility of ‘editing’ what we see – but not so the camera. It is rightly said the camera never lies, which is why it will pick up the pole that will look like it’s coming out of the subject’s head or the hastily discarded garment on the floor just in camera shot, that the human eye tends not to notice.

So always check your shot for unwanted clutter that will scream ‘amateur’ in the final photograph and kill any chance you have of making money from the shot.

Move closer.
Sometimes you can create a superb photo by moving in really close. For example, try taking a shot of a single flower head rather than the whole bush.

Not only will that have greater impact, but you’ll avoid any background problems.

For photographing tiny objects, use your camera’s ‘macro’ or ‘flower’ mode.

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Even Everyday Objects Can Make Money With Your Camera

If you think that in order to make money with your camera you need glamour photographs of world famous celebrities and landmarks … think again!

In fact the simple nature of the photos required amazes new recruits to this wonderful moneymaking business. Because – although pictures of Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon have their place, it is the simple day to day things of life that are in highest demand.

For example, photo libraries are awash with photos of wonderful sunsets and cute animals. So it’s the limitless every day ordinary objects that are in most demand.

Which actually makes it easier for you.

Because, it can be a complete no-brainer to take photographs of the objects all around you. At the same time, you can have great fun coming up with different ways to photograph regular objects.

And here are just some of the types of photos people have made money with

A pile of old bricks … a glass of wine … the contents of a fridge … a close up of a profiterole … a New York yellow taxi.

So just imagine the many simple objects you can photograph to make money with your camera.

And, in case you think such simple subjects won’t make you much money, consider the following photo.

Make Money With Your Camera Example 1

As you can see, this is simply a picture of grass. Yet it made its owner a cool $638.04 dollars in the very first month it was on offer.

And don’t think, because I said photo libraries have plenty of pictures of sunsets that you can’t make money from these. Because all you need to is have a bit of fun and come up with a unique spin.

And it can be very profitable, as the owner of this photograph discovered.

Make Money With Your Camera Example 2

Simply by adding a twist made him a very useful $885.30 from what is – in essence – a holiday photo.

So, take a moment to think about the regular objects to hand that you could photograph, right now, to start your income stream.

And don’t forget to go through all those holiday photographs, because you might already have the makings of a very nice income.

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make moneyMake Money With Your Camera – The Smart Way

make money with your camera

There’s no shortage of ways to make money with your camera, but many have a built limitation to how much you can make. So it’s a wise move to step back and think about your business model.

Most folks, wanting to make a few extra bucks with their camera, immediately think of photographing weddings, or babies.  But, think for a second and you’ll quickly realize that this business model is not the best one for you.

This is particularly so, if you want to make an extra second income, to supplement the earnings from your job.


Because, you’ll have a limited number of hours in which to make money. Also, events like weddings tend to be held at the weekend, so your precious weekends will be bitten into by what is -  in effect – just a second job.

And, even leaving the social aspect aside, you are effectively selling your time for money (just like you do in your job).

So, if you want to really make money from your camera, you need to start working smarter – instead of harder.

That means you must break the link between the hours you work and what you earn. Because that’s the way the elite super-rich make their fortunes.

Here’s the essential difference between the wealthy and folks on the job treadmill

Really wealthy people, like Bill Gates and Donald Trump, don’t do what most people do. That’s why they are far, far wealthier than most people.

What they do is create ASSETS that continue to pay them an income long after they have finished working on it.

In the case of Bill Gates, this has been his very successful Windows and other software. He creates it once and sells the same thing over and over again.

Donald Trump creates more tangible assets, in the form of hotels, golf courses, apartments and casinos. But they all pay him an income.

And using this business model also means you can increase your wealth, simply by creating more income generating assets.

So, when you set out to make money with your camera, do it the smart way.

Create assets that pay you a continuous income, long after you have finished working on them.

So how do you do that?

It’s laughingly simple – what’s more …

You could be sitting on a goldmine, right now

Because, right now, there are hundreds of good folks, all over the world, making money the same way Bill Gates and Donald Trump do. And they are doing it from the comfort of their own homes. What’s more, the method leaves plenty of leisure time to enjoy their new-found wealth.

They allow certain web sites to act as distributors for their photographs.

You see, there is a massive and ever-growing demand for photographs of every conceivable subject from people who want to use them on their web sites, blogs, ebooks, videos and in all manner of ways. And they are happy to pay a one-time fee to use these photographs.

So, you simply send your photographs to these sites and they pay you a commission ranging from 20% up to 80% of the fee they charge the user. And – as there can be hundreds, even thousands of fees paid every month just for a single photograph – the amounts you earn quickly pile up.What’s more, they can start from Day One.

For example, one photograph was downloaded 1135 times in its first month, giving the shrewd owner a nice golden hello of $885.30.

Nor do these photos have to be of anything spectacular to attract large payments. For example, a photograph of grass made $638.04 in its first month.

So, if you have photographs in your computer, they could be worth a great deal of money to you. All you need to know is what photos are in demand and where to send them for maximum cash.

So don’t waste any more time, before you too start cashing in on this bonanza because all the insider secrets you need to
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